Two days workshop on Energy Economics

The emphasis on energy economics is growing fast and the future (or, even possible, the present) reserves to researchers and economists large challenges due to different factors, including energy scarcity, global warming, increasing population, very volatile commodity prices recently distinguished by historically low levels. To tackle this, the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano considers energy topics one of the main area of research.

The Faculty of Economics and Management invites to a two-day event on energy economics. The first day will be dedicated to an intensive course for PhD students and junior practitioners on electricity markets. Dr. Gianfreda will provide lecturing and lab hours on how electricity markets function and which models are applied to study them.

International guests will attend and support the teaching of Dr. Gianfreda with a section with presentations on new tools for energy markets in the afternoon. The second day will be a workshop on energy economics with presentations from international distinguished academic speakers. A panel of experts, including a speech on the application of Blockchain to energy market, will conclude the event.